The hardiest marijuana varieties

The hardiest marijuana varieties

The hardiest cannabis strains and texas medical card are a dream for budding gardeners who want to learn a great deal, gain valuable experience and still have a decent harvest at the same time. And some people simply don’t have enough time to look after their plants. In these cases, autoflowering hybrids with indica-dominant genetics are best suited. As a rule, such varieties are characterized by the following features:

grow small in size;
They tolerate temperature changes well;
Are not highly stressed by both over and under water;
They are unpretentious about nutrition and light regime;
have a short life cycle;
Highly immune to disease and fungus.
Thanks to these qualities, the growing process is greatly simplified and becomes available even to residents of northern regions who want to enjoy the short summer to the full and try themselves as a street grower. Also autoflowering hemp is suitable for those who can afford only the most compact version of a grow box at home. And now a little more about the most popular varieties in this category.

The B. Lee Auto is a masterpiece of breeding art from the Spanish Kannabia bank. Flies like a butterfly, stings like a bee – that’s the motto of this variety! Thanks to the genetics of its parent, the amazing Citrus, it has an amazing taste of exotic fruits and the sweet freshness of an orange. Despite its modest size, not exceeding 50-70 cm, this baby produces a very heavy crop of up to 400 gr/m2 in the indoras. At the same time, the ripening period is only two months. The effect is pronounced, pleasant: it immobilizes the body, immersing it in a process of relaxation.

With its legendary “white widow” genetics, Auto White Widow is one of Pyramid Seeds’ most popular strains. The name alludes to the fact that it can outlast anyone in any condition. This unpretentious autoflower will forgive the inexperienced grower many care missteps due to its resistance to growing in unstable environments. The hemp Auto White Widow is medium sized, 60-150 centimeters, very lush and productive (up to 200 grams per plant). It is densely covered with white resin crystals by the end of flowering. The aroma is pleasant, with notes of spice, but very persistent, which must be taken into account when growing in a grow box. The effect is contrasting, cheerful at first, then soothing and enveloping.

The Grass-O-Matic cannabis variety Auto AK has a very enviable pedigree. Crossing the fast-maturing Lowryder with the high-yielding AK-47 resulted in an auto-flowering, low-growing hybrid, not exceeding 70 cm, capable of producing a beautiful harvest of killer buds in just 10 weeks. With yields of 50-100 grams per plant, it’s a very pleasing fact when you consider that Auto AK plants are easy to care for, resistant to fungus and stress. An amazing relaxing effect relieves stress, getting rid of accumulated stress. And all this combined with a subtle citrus aroma and sweet caramel flavor.

The Big Bang Auto cannabis strain is a big bang in the truest sense of the word. This refers both to its knockout effects, thanks to its dominant Indica and THC content of up to 20%, and to its impressive yield of over 500g/m2 in indore conditions. The name also alludes to a fast growing crop, growing half a meter tall and ripening in 1.5-2 months. Of course, this varies from grower to grower, but nevertheless everyone will be happy with the results. Big Bang Auto has a good tolerance for colder temperatures, which makes it a good choice for an outdoorsman. Its taste is sweet, spicy and earthy. Excellent for medical use, it can cope with headaches and relieve tension after a hard day.

Auto New York City is a rare case of the low-maintenance, green hybrid, the dream of all partisan growers, with a crisp, fun effect. It is very compact (50-100 cm), does not branch much, and does not emit a strong odor on flowering, making it ideal for all cultivation conditions. Maturation occurs at about 10 weeks, yielding a generous harvest: around 500g/m2 indoors, and 50-120 grams per bush in the outdoors. The buds contain 18% THC and around 0.5% CBD, giving the plant a strong euphoric effect that lifts the mood, but leaves the mind sharp and clear. And its lovely, subtle citrus aroma with hints of fresh herbs is a foodie’s find.


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